Thursday, 17 June 2010

Story-Swap Workshop

Story-Swap Workshop, 6-8pm, Thursday 1 July
Beaconsfield, 22 Newport St
, London
SE11 6AY

One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure; one person’s annoying relative is the heroine of another’s novel. Come take part in a relaxed two-hour creative writing workshop led by Sarah Butler, which translates the concept of free-cycling onto the creative process.

Come with a donation – a character, an idea, a memory, an overheard conversation, a family secret: something you’re prepared to offer up to other people’s imagination. We will do a series of writing exercises, exploring participants’ offerings and finding ways to transform them into new gems of writing.

This free creative-writing workshop is part of SpaceShip Earth, 2010, a residency by artist Dafna Talmor at the Beaconsfield Gallery, 22 June – 18 July 2010. Over four weeks, Dafna Talmor will utilise Beaconsfield as centre for recycling, production and community workshops – a training ground for a better world elsewhere. The documentation of this activity will form the basis of Talmor’s TestBed film commission. Spending as little money as possible, the project will be fuelled by collaboration and audience participation -–borrowing, swapping, recycling where possible. Based around the idea of exchange, various practitioners provide free workshops to the general public, volunteering their time and skills in exchange for offerings-material or in the form of alternative services provided by participants.


Places are limited so please book by e-mailing your full name and mobile number to including the workshop title in the subject heading.

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