Friday, 26 November 2010

Winter Garden

Over the winter months, I will be tending a Winter Garden of words on my Word Garden blog.

Inspired by the idea of a garden designed to be at its best during the winter months (whether outside or under an elaborate glass structure), I will use the Word Garden blog as a space to grow ideas for a new piece of writing, to be completed in Spring 2011.

To do this, I need your help. From December through to February I’ll be putting together a collection of words, images and ideas. Please visit the blog and answer the question: What would feature in your perfect Winter Garden? Winter Gardens that don’t have the protection of glass canopies are creative in their use of colour, texture, light and smell; so I’ll be focussing on those four elements. Leave a list, a poem, a description, or just a single word.

I’ll be blogging each week, sharing extracts and ideas as they grow towards a final piece, which might be a story, might be a poem, or might be something completely different….

Image: bortescristian